We have the biggest line-up yet!!!

Lists will be updated as Authors are confirmed or excluded. Authors are subject to change until other wise noted.




LaVerne Thompson / Ursula Sinclair

King Ellie

Reana Malori

Olivia Gaines

JanJan Untamed

Dahlia Rose

Michel Prince

Bridget Midway / Crystal Bright

Hadley Raydeen

Siera London

B. D. Anderson

Francesca Penn

Author V. Vee

Xyla Turner

Heather Rae Brassart

Keta Kendric

Kenya Wright

Brooklyn Knight

Tiana LAveen

Zena Wynn

Siren Allen

Phoenix Daniels

Eve Vaughn

Shara Azod

Lolah Lace

Shani G. Dowdell

Jeanie & Jayha

Sage Young

Auriella Skye

Author AC Vazquez

Afton Locke

L. Loren

Lynn Chantale

Sylvia Hubbard-Hutula

S.K. Lessly